What’s On team up with Hype to profile dBridge as the drum n bass record label boss jets in to play a set of drum n bass in Dubai at Casa Latina,  Al Barsha.

Two of Dubai’s drum ‘n’ bass forces have teamed up to bring Exit Records boss dBridge to the region for the first time. The GlobalFunk and Bassworx fusion will take place at Casa Latina next month.

The producer recently spoke out to defend the genre against journalists who’d taken a pop at drum ‘n’ bass. Writing on the Exit Tumblr page, dBridge questioned the opinions of musicians and journalists who show surprise that drum ‘n’ bass is still around.xxxxxxxx

“It seems to be a popular narrative with journalists and other non-drum ‘n’ bass producing musicians at the moment, to wonder and show surprise that producers are still making drum ‘n’ bass, that it’s ‘still here’ and that it still has any kind of musical value or worth,” he wrote.

“This continued belief that drum ‘n’ bass has been on some kind of hiatus, that it’s been in a state of hibernation or, what I read recently ‘nearly a decade in dance music purgatory’ confounds me. As a scene drum ‘n’ bass has outlived and survived many other burgeoning scenes – many of those that were seen as drum ‘n’ bass killers – and it’s still here,” he opined. “Still filling clubs and festival spaces year in, year out.”

Perhaps those silly enough to take a pop at the drum ‘n’ bass scene should venture to the GlobalFunk and Bassworx bash to see a drum ‘n’ bass party going off. This one will be bouncing.

Casa Latina, Ibis Al Barsha, Shiekh Zayed Road, Dubai, Thursday, September 18, 10pm to 3am, Dhs100. Taxi: Ibis Al Barsha. facebook.com/globalfunkdxb or facebook.com/bassworx.dxb

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