What’s On is training for the Dubai Marathon and will be documenting our progress with a Dubai Marathon training diary, packed with marathon training tips. 

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Thousands of nervous feet will pitter-patter up to the start line of the Dubai Marathon on January 23, 2015. Among them will be two members of the What’s On team, a pair of willing if not entirely able, runners who will be documenting their progress for you. 

Will they inspire you to enrol? Or perhaps you’ve already signed up and need some expert help along the way? Each week, our ‘uncool runners’ will write about running, looking at their own trials, tribulations and (minor) triumphs. This blog will also feature insights from experts and fellow Dubai runners, regimes designed by the pros, product reviews, and more. 

In true What’s On style, you’ll be kept up to date on local running events, workout classes, and well-being treatments to get you race ready.



Stacey Siebritz (@stacey_liezl)
Earlier this year, to the bewilderment of friends, family and former PE teachers, I ran the Dubai Marathon 2014. Being my first 26.2 miler I only had one goal: finish on my own two feet. While I put in plenty of miles in the run-up to the big day, I hit the wall around the 35K mark, and ended up finishing in just over 5 hours. This year, my goal is to follow a more structured training plan, do much better on the nutrition side of things (bye bye, brunches) and come in around 4hours 30minutes. It’s an ambitious goal, but I’m confident that experts can help me get there. 

Dubai Marathon training blog - Stacey in Dubai

Danae Mercer (@DanaeMercer)
My colleague Stacey wants to hit a certain time. I just want to not break myself. I did the Paris Marathon in 2012, running it with some 30 friends, bright shirts, and the consumption of unlimited French baguettes. The end result was a rather gimpy Achilles tendon and a doctor’s warning to step back from running for a while, lest the tendon burst. My feet are fine these days and I’m keen to keep them that way. My aim is to get across that finish line without any injuries. You’ll see this reflected in my posts as I talk to experts and tackle this marathon adventure.

Dubai Marathon training blog - Danae in Paris

Got a running question? Wondering about the best running shoes? Have a favourite running route? Know an amazing runner who is worthy of an article? Get in touch. Let’s see where we can take this thing together. Tweet us or leave a comment below. We’ll also be featuring competitions and giveaways, so keep an eye out for those.

And now enough faffing – it’s time for us to start running!