What’s On has an Elmo interview as the Sesame Street character visits What’s On with Grover ahead of Elmo Makes Music in Dubai at Madinat Theatre, Dubai.

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It’s not every day you get to rub hairy shoulders with showbiz royalty, so when we heard Elmo and Grover were coming to town for Elmo Makes Music at Madinat Theatre, What’s On wanted two things; a chat, and some help putting our magazine together. Luckily for us, the Sesame Street stars obliged on both fronts – although their typing could do with some work …

Here’s what Elmo said about his upcoming performance…

Hi Elmo, where are you right now? Are you having lunch? Elmo is home sweet home at Sesame Street. Elmo says “N” is for nutrition. Elmo says to eat the same healthy stuff Elmo eats. But “C” is for cookie and Elmo loves cookies too.

Are you looking forward to bringing your show to Dubai? Elmo and his friends are going to be in a show. It will have lights and music and dancing and Elmo can’t wait to sing with everyone.

Do you have any plans while you’re here in Dubai? We are getting our tanning lotions ready to hit your city. Elmo wants to go to the beach, see the big tall building and make new friends.

Who are you bringing along from Sesame Street? Elmo’s bringing lots of friends to play like Zoe, Bert and Ernie and, um, Elmo forgets… Oh yeah, the Count and Big Bird and Oscar, too.

Tell us a secret about yourself. Elmo likes exploring new places with Dorothy, Elmo’s pet fish friend.

How do you deal with the pressure of worldwide fame? Elmo just loves to sing, la la la la la la!

How do you stay in shape? Elmo gets up, eats a nutritious breakfast, feeds Dorothy, and then it’s time to play and learn with friends.

You are always so optimistic. Seriously, how do you it? Elmo loves that no matter if there’s rain or shine, someone on Sesame Street is willing to bring you sunny days – even Oscar the Grouch can bring a smile to Elmo’s face.

You clearly love making music. Who are your favorite pop stars at the moment? Elmo loves Usher, Will.i.am and Bruno Mars.

We have Lady Gaga coming to the UAE soon. What do you think of her? Elmo can sing with her!

You’ve been in showbiz for so long – do you have any goals left you want to achieve? Elmo would love to conduct a chorus, or even an orchestra.

Do you think you could one day win an Oscar? Elmo has an Oscar. He lives in a trashcan.

What about politics – any ambitions to run for office in the future? Elmo wants Kermit The Frog to be president.

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