What’s On has details of possibly the world’s most expensive bathtub, a submission at the ‘Downtown Design’ fair. Plus, other exhibitors at Downtown Design.

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Centuries ago, bathtubs were nothing more than portable accessories much like chamber pots and washbowls, but with the introduction of indoor plumbing they were soon installed as permanent fixtures.

Today, while bathtubs are usually made of porcelain, acrylic, or enameled-steel, the designs and innovations have, over time, pushed the boundaries of creativity with features for ultra-comfort to novel shapes and forms.

Taking bathtub design beyond the realms of convention, SICIS, an Italian mosaics specialist who have a showroom in Dubai, has designed a bathtub unlike no other. It is in the shape of a stiletto shoe with a skyscraper heel of 165cm much like the classic Barbie shoe.

While sitting within this soleful sculpture, water trickles from above to massage the shoulders of the bather but it’s main striking feature is the mosaic art that covers the bathtub’s surface.

The bathtub is just one unique entry at the upcoming Downtown Design international trade fair, which promises to bring an eclectic mix of the world’s most iconic and cutting-edge brands in furniture, lighting, kitchens, bathrooms, accessories, and new technologies, taking place from October 28-31 at The Venue, Downtown.

Other unique exhibitors at Downtown Design:

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October 28-31
The Venue, Downtown Dubai. Tel: (04) 2842012. Metro: Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall. downtowndesign.com