What’s On pals Hype enlist columnist Noush Like Sploosh to get the lowdown on alternative therapies in Dubai, including reiki, yoga and Thai massage.

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Melany Oliver is an alternative therapist based in Dubai, with a Bachelor’s in Health Sciences in Complementary Therapies from the University Of Westminster, and a slew of other certifications in reiki, yoga and Thai massage.

Among those she has helped get their soul together is Hype columnist Noush Like Sploosh, who was keen to find out more about her work…

How do you describe your profession? I facilitate people in healing their emotional wounds and change their mental programming to manifest a different reality and create more emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

What’s the best part of your craft? The best part is getting calls or messages from satisfied and happy clients telling me how their life has changed after our sessions, how they’ve healed from their emotional wounds and are attracting more of what they want in their lives. This gives me so much joy.

What’s the most difficult part of your craft? The most difficult part is working with clients who are in denial and resistant to change. This, for me, is really sad as I want to help them, but in reality I can only help people who want to help themselves and are ready to change.

How does your profession affect your own healing and wellbeing? It’s important for me to be well and in a good place emotionally in order to treat people, hence I always make sure I look after my own mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I’m constantly studying, researching and going on workshops to learn new techniques and educate myself with the latest trends in energy healing.

I also feel that the experience I have had in healing my own emotional wounds has helped me tremendously in healing clients with similar issues. I get some great insights into my own healing when helping clients.

What sorts of issues have you dealt with? I’ve treated people with stress, anxiety, depression, nervous breakdowns, as well as helped clients get over a broken heart, grief and childhood traumas and fears. On the more positive side, I’ve also helped clients create the career opportunities of their dreams and even find a life-long partner.

How can someone find you for sessions? They can contact me through my website at melany-oliver.com.