What’s On details bubble football in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Find out where to play Bubble Soccer in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and also watch Bubble Soccer videos.

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For those of you intimidated by a football pitch full of over-enthusiastic, over-zealous, competitive sportsmen, worry not, there’s a whole new aspect of the sport that makes easy, and fun, for all.

And what’s more, you don’t even have to know your offsides from your inverted pyramids, or your forwards from your free-kicks.

Launched this month in the UAE, Bubble Soccer is taking The Beautiful Game to the masses. Already a hugely successful take on the world’s most popular sport in Europe and America, this new concept wraps players in a giant bubble, blows the whistle and lets the carnage begin. The sport has been such a hit in the UK that even the BBC Breakfast Show has featured it in their main bulletin (below).

Those taking part slide their way into an individual bubble – made from TPU, which allows for better sweat control compared with PVC – which covers them from the waste above to a significant distance above the head, ensuring absolute protection. It comes fitted with easy-to-grip handles, and straps to keep you locked in comfortably.

During the game, players are actively encouraged to bounce off each other – and the ground – all in eight minutes of bedlam where fouls are almost impossible to give away. The game itself requires four, five or six people in a team, and, as with the main game, the aim is to score as many goals as possible.

Perfect for parties, work socials or just a bit of fitness – the constant hauling yourself back up from the ground is certainly good exercise – the team behind it have no doubt you’ll be back for more.

Located in Al Quoz, bookings last for one hour (Dhs120 per person), and can be played on FIFA approved indoor and outdoor pitches. A referee is provided by the centre.

Stay close to What’s On in the coming weeks to see how we got on when our team challenged some local rivals.

Bubble Soccer UAE, Cover Drive Sports Academy, Al Quoz 1, Dubai. Tel: (052) 2882018. bubblesoccer.ae