What’s On pals Hype meets Danielle Moore, lead singer of Crazy P in Dubai as the five-piece band prepare to perform live at Zero Gravity Dubai Marina.

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The same sense of unbridled joy, feel good vibes, excitement, fun and enthusiasm that pervades the musical output of Crazy P also characterises a chat with the band’s frontwoman, Danielle Moore.  She might have been a late addition (along with instrumentalists Tim Davies and Matt Klose) to the original studio duo of James Baron and Chris Todd, who had been working together on well-received albums since 1996, but with her on board the band really soared.

Hype readers will soon be able to feed off some of Crazy P’s cosmic disco energy when they return to Dubai this weekend to play at Zero Gravity. Lush, genuine instrumentals and proper catchy song structures are what separate Crazy P from your average disco act. Their sound harks back to the golden era of ’70s Philly disco whilst also leaning on the more futurist bent of Giorgio Moroder’s pioneering synthesised sounds, and at the same time chucking in a touch of modern production prowess to really dazzle audiences’ hearts, minds and souls.
A Night On Earth and Stop Space Return were landmark albums for Crazy P, and although there hasn’t been a new album since 2011’s When We On, that will change in spring 2015. “We are finishing the album right now,” beams Danielle. “It’s a continuation of where we were at and it’s been James, Chris and myself again, working together in the studio on a mixture of electronic and live music with rhythmic, rather than obscure or poetic, lyrics.”

Sadly, frontwomen in music, especially dance music, are still lesser spotted things in 2014. Danielle, though, is certainly someone who should be held up as an example for any aspiring young vocalists, for she captivates audiences not only with her vocal acrobatics, but also her commanding stage presence and easy-going banter, as well as her fantastical dress sense.

“Anyone who does anything from the heart is wonderful, whether that be singing, dancing, nursing, carpentry, fishing…” she says before mentioning the likes of Prince, Grace Jones and Kate Bush as inspirations. “I love being the frontwoman. It wasn’t anything I ever pursued or imagined. Well, only when I sung into a hairbrush in the mirror as most girls did, but I never imagined that’s where my life would take me.

“I was tired of the corporate world. I’d never really got the hang of loving money over the love of life, so I had to move on. And so came the pursuit of music and the fantastical world of dressing up and attempting to entertain a room of people who are depending on you doing just that.”

Crazy P live at Aurora, Zero Gravity, Skydive Dubai Drop Zone, Dubai, Friday 6pm to 3am. Taxi to Skydive Dubai. O-gravity.ae

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