What’s On has details about the Dubai Health Authority’s new super ambulance, a Lotus Evora for the Dubai Ambulance service, to rival Dubai Police cars.

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We already feel safe from crime with the Dubai Police force armed to the teeth with the fastest cars, motorcycles and even water vehicles.

And now we can rest a little easier regarding our health and safety after the Dubai Health Authority unveiled it’s on king of the road, a customised Lotus Evora.

Hailed as the “fastest ambulance in the world”, the new supercar is able to race to injured people at 185mph. It was unveiled at last week’s GITEX technology week, and comes in at a cool Dhs600,000.

According to newspaper reports, the car will be used by 50 specially-trained paramedics, and while it won’t be able to transport the sick and injured to hospital, it will allow for medically trained professionals to arrive on scenes far quick to administer vital first aid.

“The car is of importance to patients so we can reach them in a very short time,” a spokesman for the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services was quoted as saying in The Independent, a British newspaper.


“Those sport cars minimise the time of response and it can reach much faster than the ambulance cars, they can do the first aid by the time the ambulance arrives.” 

The same report states that the vehicle is equipped with emergency kits that can check patient’s heart rates and blood pressure. It will also feature a defibrillator – used to restart the heart – a first aid kit  and an oxygen supply in the boot.

Paramedic Zaid Al Mamari, added: “We can handle all kinds of emergencies. It is fitted with a responder bag, suction unit, foam splints for fractures, cardiac defibrillators and oxygen bags.”

The Lotus is currently on show around tourist hot spots, such as The Beach at JBR, Downtown Dubai and other parts of Dubai Marina. It is expected to go fully operational by the end of 2014. A Ford Mustang and a Chevrolet Corvette are also expected to be unveiled shortly.