What’s On has a video and details of Rock Republic bouldering centre – one of the indoor climbing walls in Dubai.  Find out prices and opening times.

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Welcome to the world of indoor climbing – a multi-coloured playground for kids and adults, complete with gymnastics rings, crash mats and overhangs.  This is Rock Republic – the UAE’s only dedicated bouldering centre.

While most climbing novices consider indoor climbing to involve scaling huge vertical walls while being strapped into a harness, the art of bouldering has recently become an attractive pursuit in its own right.

Requiring no more equipment than a chalk bag, it is as much about balance and gymnastic ability as it is about strength and stamina. Climbers are invited to tackle ‘routes’ on low walls, denoted by coloured ‘holds’. Each route is graded by ability, so you can chart your progression as you scramble your way around the room.

**VIDEO: Check out the ‘high’ ropes at Adventure HQ’s Adventure Zone**

To have a go, all you need is your gym gear; Rock Republic provides the rest including climbing shoes, chalk and some much-needed guidance. If you’re lucky, Guida Verschut or Pete Aldwinkle, the owners of Rock Republic, will be there to give you some “handy” advice.

It’s an incredible work out and acts as a welcome break from the usual treadmill and run-of-the-mill gyms. Climb until your forearms ache and your fingers feel like they’re going to break.

Rest for a few minutes on the crash mats, regain your composure, and do it all again.

Check out the video!

Rock Republic, Dubai Investment Park 1, off the E77, Dhs80 a session or Dhs500 for 10 sessions. Mon to Thur 5.30pm to 9.30pm Fri and Sat 1pm tp 8pm, Dhs Tel: (050) 1001370. facebook.com/rock.republic.dubai