What’s On continues Dubai Marathon training tips blog, Uncool Runnings, interviewing prolific Dubai fun run enthusiasts for the Dubai Holding Women’s Run.

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On Friday, women will sprint across the start line for Dubai Holding Women’s Run. We chat to two of those taking part (a radio presenter, and a mother-of-two) who will be running the race about their guilty pleasures, favourite snacks, and just why they’re running.

Malavika Varadan Sharma
The force behind ‘100 Healthy Days’, and a radio presenter with City 1016

Why do a Dubai Holding Women’s Run? Around early March this year, I [was at] a pretty frustrating place with my fitness. I’d be extremely regular for two weeks and fall off the wagon, try something new and give it up as fast as I took it on.

That is when I decided to start a social-media-led campaign and blog called 100 Healthy Days. I committed to myself that I would do one, just one healthy thing every day and then post/tweet/blog about it. What started as a little experiment ended up a revolution. Thousands of people joined in and soon we were all getting fitter together.

When that ended on the 21st of June I knew I had to find a new mission. With the weather getting better, more parks opening up and the easiness of it all – I decided running would be my thing. I’m not a great athlete, in fact I was terrible at athletics in school but I’m learning. Slowly and steadily.

I think Dubai Holding Women’s run is the perfect platform for us women to ‘woman up’ and get our fitness act together. We have the tendency of putting everyone and their needs before us and it’s about time we prioritise our own bodies and health.

Malavika Varadan Sharma

What motivates you to exercise? The endorphin rush when I finish, the way my clothes fit, the energy I suddenly seem to get for the rest of the day and the people around me.

What’s your favourite inspiring workout quote? The only bad workout is the one you missed.

What do you eat before exercise? I grab an apple or a few nuts.

What’s your favourite post-workout treat? A full-blown Indian meal. If done right, that’s about a thousand calories.

Where do you like to exercise in Dubai? I love the parks. Safa Park and Al Barsha Pond Park are the ones I go to most often.

What’s your guilty pleasure workout song? Bollywood songs and a lot of 90s stuff. I usually run my last kilometre to Kriss Kross’s Jump.

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Kifah Sbeitan
A marathon runner and mother of two

What motivates you to exercise? My motivation is my two kids. I want to be being healthy and fit for them and set a good example. They push me to exercise despite all the stress of a busy working-mother life.

What’s your favourite inspiring workout quote? Being fit is not a destination, it is a way of life.

What do you eat before exercise? Two hours before a run I make sure I eat a medium-sized meal of carbs (especially pasta). Before a workout that doesn’t include cardio, I eat fruits like bananas.

What’s your favourite post-workout treat? I would treat myself with a piece of dark chocolate… I can’t resist!

What’s your guilty pleasure workout song? Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio and Titanium by David Guetta are my favourite tracks.

For more information on the Dubai Holding Women’s Run, visit dubaiwomensrun.com 

Kifah Sbeitanool