What’s On previews Fabio at Level 41, Media One Hotel, Dubai Media City for GlobalFunk, one of our leaders in underground clubbing in Dubai.

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Continuing its legacy of bringing the biggest drum ‘n’ bass legends to Dubai, GlobalFunk is at it again. This time out, Fabio flies in from the UK to take up the reins.

Originally spinning rare groove and disco, Fabio met fellow DJ Grooverider while the pair were working at a pirate radio station in London in the mid-’80s. Swept up by the acid house movement, the pair soon became pioneers of jungle and are globally regarded as figureheads of the scene after inspiring artists and promoting the freshest music around for almost 30 years.

Fellow drum ‘n’ bass DJ and producer Peter Rogers, aka Technicolour, reckons that Fabio & Grooverider are amongst the greatest DJs of all time.

“Fabio & Grooverider have arguably done more to shape and promote drum ‘n’ bass through their DJing than any other artists,” said Peter. “The drum ‘n’ bass that is all over mainstream radio these days evolved from jungle, and Fabio & Grooverider championed its earliest forms at their night Rage, in London, in the early-’90s – which became the place to hear proto-jungle. They created a brand new sound in their sets, even playing house records at the wrong speed, and from then on, they’ve topped flyers for 20 years.”

“One of the best sets I’ve ever heard came at the last Swerve at The End in 2009, where Fabio gave everyone a complete history lesson, from new d ‘n’ b, going further back into jungle and eventually playing the stuff he and Groove pioneered at Rage,” Peter added.

If that sounds like the kinda way you’d like to spend a night, don’t miss Fabio’s set at GlobalFunk on Thursday. MCGQ and Ollywood MC are on mic duty with local lads MACH4, Somalie and Sya One in charge of additional tuneage.

Level 41, Media One Hotel, Dubai Media City, 9pm to 3am, Dhs100 on the door. Metro: Nakheel

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