What’s On teams up with our pals at Hype to profile SLAM Movement Fam founder Spiky Flave and the attempt to grow a hip-hip culture in UAE.

SEEN in Dubai
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– Art Night in DIFC
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– SoleDXB

In Arabic slam means peace and in English it translates as fast and effective. Combining those two meanings, SLAM Movement Fam aims to grow hip-hop culture in a positive way through organising and competing in events, classes and community projects.

Recently invited to take part in an interview about the history of hip-hop in the UAE at Sole DXB, Spiky Flave gives us a bit of a lowdown…

“I was born in 1984 and started breakin’ in Sharjah in 1998. In addition to that, I’m a DJ, MC, choreographer, event organiser and consultant. I also co-founded SLAM Fam, which is a hip-hop organisation.

“When I started off dancing in the ’90s I was into popping. From there I found my way into breakin’. Breakin’ is a dance through which I express my art. Commercially, it’s known as breakdancing and it started back in the ’70s in New York. It then spread around the world and starting shining in the UAE in 1992. Ever since then, the scene’s got bigger and bigger, and it’s still growing.

“Through SLAM Fam, we’ve been organising several events a year, where we get many dancers from around the region participating and supporting hip-hop culture. I’m glad to see the scene improving and the vibe getting better.

“I’d encourage whoever is in the game to travel more to jams around the world and represent, meet new faces, exchange knowledge, inspire and be inspired.”

Get in touch with Spiky through facebook.com/Slam.Movement.Fam.

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