What’s On has news of the opening of the largest jewellery store in Dubai – Malabar Gold and Diamonds – located in the Gold Souk in Deira.

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If you’re stuck for a Christmas gift this year, then news of the largest jewellery shop to open in Dubai could just be the (golden) ticket you need to get through the festive season.

Claiming to be the biggest gem outlet in Dubai, Malabar Gold and Diamonds, the Indian jewellery retailer, boasts a wide variety of designs and ornaments sprawling over a showroom of 9,500 square feet in the hear of the Dubai Gold Souk.

The new showroom is said to offer traditional as well as contemporary designs of gold jewellery from 18 to 24 carat and while normal outlets stock 50 to 60 kilograms of gold ornaments, this new emporium will have nearly 600 kilograms of gilt ornaments.

“Our 123rd branch in Gold Souk is the biggest jewellery outlet here. We have people of ten different nationalities speaking 31 different languages,  jewellery from 10 countries and the finest and rarest collection from India, Malaysia, Turkey, Singapore, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Thailand, Italy, Spain and Bahrain in gold and diamonds to suit the taste of both resident and international customers,” said MP Ahmed, Chairman of Malabar Group.

Malabar Gold is taking part in the making of the world’s longest jewellery chain, ‘Dubai Celebration Chain’ in 22-carat.

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Also on display in the showroom is a golden replica of Burj Khalifa in 18 carat gold weighing 22.65kg; a 24 carat gold bar weighing 16kg; and a golden outfit weighing over 1kg which took 30 craftsman 3,600 hours to complete.

Golden outfit in Malabar Gold and Diamonds