What’s On details #GetJoshToSheeran – a Freshly Ground Sounds campaign to get UAE singer Josh Monteath as the supporting act for Ed Sheeran.

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Season 2 of Freshly Ground Sounds

Since it began in November 2013, Freshly Ground Sounds has provided a platform for local artists to play their own music or covers to growing audiences in humble, community-focused venues around the UAE.

Over the past year, dozens of local bands and solo musicians have performed in front of audiences in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, wowing crowds with raw talent that – prior to Freshly’s inception – was rarely unearthed in the UAE.

One of the first talents to take to the stage a year ago was singer/songwriter Josh Monteath.

At 22 years old, Josh had never performed anywhere outside of his home. Fast-forward one year later and he has a fixture at most Freshly events, developing a following all of his own thanks to a soulful voice, thoughtful lyrics, and a very likable personality.

Now, the team behind Freshly Ground Sounds are campaigning to get Josh onto a much bigger platform; to share the stage with Brit singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran when he comes to Dubai to perform in March at the Dubai Media City Amphitheatre.

“Josh has made a huge impact on the UAE’s local music scene over the past year and he would be the ideal support act for Ed Sheeran,” said  Izzy Abidi,  the chief organiser and driving force behind Freshly Ground Sounds.

“We want to #GetJoshToSheeran! We want to spread the word about his talent and encourage people to listen to his music or check him out at one of our gigs”.

“Ed Sheeran started out as a local talent like this so hopefully we can recreate our very own Ed Sheeran success story in Dubai.Together, we can start a future trend for our local independent musicians”.

Earlier this month, Freshly Ground Sounds was at the forefront of a #MyDubai feature film that was screened as part of the Dubai International Film Festival events. Director and producer of the film Kevin Sebastian was enchanted by the grassroots initiative:

“When I heard about Freshly Ground Sounds I was captivated by the people behind the initiative – how a few people and a strong community spirit could combine to help create a resilient creative space. I wanted artists to know that there were new avenues for them to showcase their talent outside of the commercial sphere.”

To check out Josh live on stage, head to the Dubai Garden Centre on Saturday 10 January for the next Freshly Ground Sounds event, or support the campaign, share and post using the hashtag #GetJoshToSheeran, #EdSheeran, and @teddysphotos on Instagram.