What’s On reviews AlphaSphere Deluxe, a spa treatment in Dubai at Talise Spa, Madinat, using sound, colours and vibrations to create calm.

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The AlphaSphere Deluxe sounds like an upgraded spaceship. You know, the plain old AlphaSphere was reliable and all that, but the Deluxe model has extra airbags, more cup holders and bigger rockets. Well, sorry to disappoint any sci-fi fans out there, but the AlphaSphere is, in fact, a spa treatment that uses sound, colours and vibrations to transport you, not to 2192, but to a state of calm.

Before the session at the Madinat’s Talise Apa, we identified our goals on a form, then followed a therapist to a darkened room. Inside were two glowing, bean-shaped chairs. We chose Basic Blue from a menu that included Sensitive Violet, Intense Red and Energy Orange. The therapist explained that the AlphaSphere would help rebalance our chakras, or energy points.

After settling into the chair, the therapist closed a sheer curtain and left. Slowly, an overhead light turned pale blue. Then, a deep vibration began at the base of the seat, accompanied by ambient noises of singing, chanting, birds, and clicking. The chair grew warm at times, all of which added up to quite a sleepy 20 minutes. Eventually the light turned white and the music stopped. We left the chamber and emerged, thankfully, back into 2014.

Meanwhile, one of Dubai’s first juicing companies, Detox Delight, has teamed up with Talise Spa to create a detox package. The best part? It only takes a day. You get treatments including a massage and exfoliation, teamed with a one-day juice detox. Sounds like the perfect post-party recovery to us.

Talise Spa, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, Dhs225 for 30 mins. Tel: (04) 3666818. Taxi: Madinat Jumeirah. jumeirah.com/mjtalise