What’s On showcases the cool front covers of the UAE’s definitive guide of things to do in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in 2014. Which do you prefer?

We pride ourselves on our covers here at What’s On. The models and famous faces that smile from the front of most magazines are all well and good, but we prefer to be a little different. Here we’re all about a quirky approach and bold designs, leading to – we like to think – some of the most eye-catching covers on UAE news-stands this year. But enough self-congratulation, we want to hear from you.

Which What’s On cover of 2014 was your favourite? Perhaps you liked the graffiti-inspired rendition of the Burj Al Arab to celebrate Art Dubai, or maybe the sight of the Bat Signal in the skies over Downtown Dubai in honour of DIFF caught your eye? Take a look at our gallery and let us know which one you liked best, and why…

Designs by Sara Raffaghello, Sheila Deocareza and Freddie Colinares