What’s On has news of Dubai World Islands growing, with private villa islands planned for ‘Australasia’. The project can be seen from space.

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Dubai World Islands project is getting bigger.

Already spanning 300 islands spanned across approximately nine kilometres in width and seven kilometres in length, the development is set to be boosted by a small collection of small, private islands that will make up the continent of Australasia.

A deal was signed on Saturday between OQYANA Real Estate and Dutch Docklands to build the additional artificial archipelago, some 4.5km from the mainland.

“This is a historic day for us all,” Zeyad Abdullatif Janahi, chairman of OQYANA, which is derived from the Arabic word for Oceanic, said. “We are very pleased with our collaboration with Dutch Docklands, and the ability to bring their specific expertise to OQYANA World First, the leading project in The World development.

“Our vision has always been to be leaders in the idea of The World, and it is now the right time to recommence activities and turn concepts into reality. Dubai has always been the right destination for such projects and we will work together to be an integral part of Dubai’s real estate sector.”

A spokesman for Dutch Docklands added: “Dubai is an amazing city and The World project is a fabulous development. Having your own private island close by a world class city will be a unique opportunity for a very selective group of people that only want the best.

“Our Amillarah Private Islands are completely self-supporting, scarless and all contain the latest state-of-the-art technology. Each one will be a piece of art that you can live in.”

The announcement comes a month after great strides were made over on the European part of the World. Known as The Heart Of Europe, the collection of six islands will each be inspired by Vienna, Rome, Andalusia, the Cote d’Azur, Monaco, Switzerland or St Petersburg, and will feature cobbled streets, bustling plazas, and grand architecture.

Hotels, shops and restaurants on the islands will only accept euros. It was even claimed by developers The Kleindienst group that they will be able to make it rain and snow when the project is complete.