What’s On gives you advice on going green in the UAE, with an established thought leader in the environment industry in the Middle East.

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Samer Kamal, MD of Tactical Connections, is an established thought leader in the environment industry in the Middle East, developing sustainable and commercially viable business ventures with start-ups and FP500s…

We hear about the environment and our “footprint” all the time in the media these days. While there are a number of complex calculators available to assess a person’s environmental footprint, the key to understanding this is that it measures how much energy and resources each of us consumes, disposes and wastes.

I get asked all the time in the UAE about being more environmentally friendly. People want to know where they can recycle their household waste, what to do with electronics, and generally how to reduce their environmental footprint. Our community produces more waste and consumes more water per person than almost anywhere else on the planet. According to the Ministry of Environment & Water, the GCC generates over 150 million tonnes per year of gross urban waste. If you were to fill a football field it would reach over 40 miles high.

However, there are some easy things you can do to make a positive impact on the environment…

Recycle your household waste. It’s easier now than ever before with a new mobile app from UPM (Union Paper Mills) called the Reyoutilizer (reyoutilizer.com). Simply download the app and follow the instructions on screen. You will be scheduled for a personalised home pick-up of your recycling. No more carrying your recycling in the car to drop off at inconvenient locations.

If you drink Nespresso there is great news as the company recently introduced their very own recycling programme in the region. Now you can drop off your used capsules at the store or have them picked up with your home delivery – now that’s impressive.

Make some money recycling your old electronics. Everyone has that drawer full of old mobile phones, dysfunctional cameras, and the like. Today there are lots of companies that will buy this stuff back from you for either recycling or reuse programs. If you are worried about your personal data on those devices try companies like Enviroserve (enviroserve.ae) who will destroy your data before passing your old device into a reuse or recycling programme.

Every year we consume enough bottled water to fill the Burj Khalifa, with lots to spare. If you want to reduce the number of water bottles you consume have a look at pureituae.com. This water filtration system sits under your sink and removes the contaminants in your tap water, making it healthy and tasty.

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