What’s On sits down with TV personalities Giuliana and Bill Rancic at Ski Dubai during their stay in the UAE as part of the Dubai Shopping Festival 2015.

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Celebrity couple Giuliana and Bill Rancic visited Dubai with DSF 2015 for a whirlwind tour. We met with them over steaming cups of cocoa at Ski Dubai to talk about their favourite spots in the city.

What surprised you the most about Dubai?
Bill: I don’t think anything has really surprised us. The city is absolutely spectacular; the architecture is incredible; the food has been amazing; and the people have really been the best part of it. As soon as we walked out of the plane, the city wrapped its arms around us and welcomed us. So it’s definitely lived up to all the hype and expectations.
Giuliana: One thing surprised me: I expected Dubai to be more focused on buildings, construction, and architecture. I didn’t realise there was so much to do, so many great restaurants, and the beaches are amazing, and there are so many activities. There’s a lot to do in this rather small area.

What’s the best restaurant you have been to in Dubai?
Bill: We’ve eaten at the Fairmont Hotel a couple of times, which is really good. We had dinner at JBR at Cavalli Caffé.
Giuliana: Tonight we’re going to the Four Seasons Hotel restaurant… So we’ve been having fun, for sure.

Celebrity couple Giuliana and Bill Rancic inside Ski Dubai

You have a young son, Duke. Would you consider bringing him to Dubai?
Giuliana: We regret not bringing him, to be honest. We thought we would be working this whole time. We didn’t realise how much there is for kids to do in Dubai. It’s a very family-friendly place. Bill wants to get Duke skiing. The penguins are here, and he would have loved that. We were at the beach yesterday. He would have loved that, too.

Giuliana, will you bring your fashion line to Dubai?
Giuliana: I always wanted to expand the brand, and I thought Dubai would be a great first place to expand. Like the people of Dubai, I’m a forward-thinker. I love to think outside the box. I like that the people here, they think much more advanced than other cities around the world. Also, I think Dubai is becoming more important in terms of fashion. [It] could become a leader.

Any New Year’s resolutions?
Bill: 2015 is the year of living, where we’ll really enjoy it and slow down a bit.
Giuliana: Mine is to not deny myself anything at all, and just do everything in moderation.