What’s On reviews some leading delivery services in Dubai, including Dinnertime, Munchbox, Glam Box beauty products, Waggie Box, Greenheart.

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From food to pets to cosmetics, you can have your life delivered to you in a cardboard box…

Wouldn’t it be easier to have the family’s weekly meal planned for you and have somebody to do the weekly shop at the same time? Cue Dinnertime, a service that provides you with the ingredients and recipes for four meals a week, such as crustless broccoli quiche and Thai green chicken curry. Gluten-free dinner packages are also available with prices starting from Dhs480 for a family of four. Home cooking just got a whole lot easier.


Dinner Time delivery service in Dubai

Sitting at a desk all day means grabbing a bag of crisps to snack on is usually the easy option, but it isn’t going to shift those post-party season pounds. Munchbox is a clever system designed to make sure you snack in a healthier fashion. Simply choose your box, how many you would like to receive each week and it’ll be delivered directly to you. All snacks are made from seeds, nuts, sugar free chocolate and dried fruit, and a box will set you back approximately Dhs195.


Munchbox delivery service in Dubai

Glam Box
Beauty boffins have been singing the praises of Glam Box for some time now due to its appeal of sampling the latest products on the market without having to buy full sizes. Each month the box is delivered to your door, packed full of different products from brands such as Benefit, Elemis and Eucerin, along with vouchers for discounts on spa treatments. Each box is a surprise, and you can sign up for three months, six months or a year. Prices start from Dhs239 for three months, making it an affordable gift choice.


Glambox delivery service in Dubai

Cook-A-Box are on a mission to make cooking at home easy and fun. The process is simple. Select one of the recipes from the website, let them shop for the ingredients and they’ll bring it all to you with a simple instruction card inside. There’s no meal planning and no need to face the supermarket after a tough day at the office. All you have to do is whip up a home-cooked meal in under 35 minutes.


Waggie Box
The Waggie Box is one for your furry best friend. The box is customised according to the size of your dog with four to six items including healthy treats, toys, and grooming products. Waggie Box members also receive discounts at vet clinics and grooming parlours. Prices start from Dhs189 a month for a small breed dog.


Waggie Box delivery service in Dubai

Pet Box
Pet Box caters to both cats and dogs and deliver a box of goodies suited to the breed or size of your pet once a month. By using Pet Box you’ll also be lending a hand to pet charities and shelters within the UAE with a portion of the proceeds being donated. Expect to pay Dhs199 per box. However, package deals are available with discounted rates.


When it comes to quality organic produce it doesn’t come much fresher than Greenheart Organic Farm. They put together a box of mixed vegetables and deliver it to you. The produce is grown locally and harvested the day of your delivery, meaning you’re guaranteed to get your hands on the freshest food possible. The starting price of a mixed box is Dhs100.


Greenheart Organic Farms - organic food delivery in UAE

The Happy Box
Fitting in quality time with the children can be tricky when juggling a busy lifestyle but help is here with The Happy Box. Each month they’ll send you and your child a box containing an activity to do together, which has been developed by educationalists. The monthly payment of Dhs250 per box can be made with cash on delivery within the UAE.