What’s On has details of the newborn reptiles now at Al Ain Zoo – a baby lizard, tortoise, sand snake and python all in the Reptile House.

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Those suffering from herpetophobia might not be celebrating the arrival of these little critters but Al Ain Zoo has welcomed new additions to the reptile family including the Afro-Asian sand snake, royal python, Agama lizards, and Indian star tortoise.

These (arguably) adorable new-borns are currently being closely monitored by the zoo’s veterinarian team and will soon welcome visitors to Al Ain Zoo’s Reptile House.

The Afro-Asian Sand Snake family welcomed three newborns. The eggs were laid by the mother in the exhibit, and were then moved to a special temperature and humidity-controlled incubator. The Zoo’s newborns are fed mice and geckos, while their diet in the wild would mainly consist of lizards, rodents and birds.

Meanwhile five Royal Python newborns, hatched at Al Ain Zoo earlier this month. The smallest of the African pythons commonly reside in the tropical savannahs and grasslands in West Africa.

Indigenous to the region, two newborn Spiny-Tailed Agama lizards also recently joined the Reptile exhibit at the zoo. They feed on flowers, leaves and seeds of desert plants and are extremely heat tolerant.

Baby reptiles in Al Ain Zoo

Finally, several Indian Star Tortoises hatched at the zoo this year. Typically these endangered tortoises are found in the grasslands and dry forest areas of India and Sri Lanka, and also feed on plants, flowers and fruit.