What’s On reviews bootcamps in Dubai, military-style classes on offer at gyms in Dubai, including Fast Sports Performance and b2b Fitness.

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So you’ve scarfed down too much turkey over the festive season and you’re in search of a boot camp to whip you into shape. But which one is right for you? We measure up the packages on offer in Dubai.

The lowdown: The strength and conditioning boot camp is a circuit-based class using a variety of unusual exercises, such as pulling sleds, swinging sledgehammers and flipping tires. You’ll then repeat the circuits with less recovery time over the hour.
The trainer: Steven Maysey is a British personal trainer and amateur bodybuilder who has been involved in the fitness industry for more than ten years.
Location: FAST Performance Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road, City Tower 2, Sun 8pm, Mon 7pm, Tues 8pm, Wed 8pm.
Fees: Dhs90 per session, Dhs800 for ten sessions, Dhs1,400 for 20 sessions.
People per  class: Six (maximum).
USPs: If you’re looking for a no-frills, gritty workout, this one’s for you.
Tel: (04) 3555181

Fast Sports Performance

ELITE CHUTECAMP by Elite Aesthetics
The lowdown: You’ll be running with parachutes attached to your back, dragging weighted sleds, pushing 4×4 cars, training with Vipr tubes and playing an intense game of tug of war.
The trainer: Ahmad Jabber has a Master’s in Sports Science and has trained celebrities and athletes.
Location: Skydive Dubai, Sun, Tue, Thur at 6am. Soon they’ll offer Safa Park and Palm Jumeirah Park sessions.
Fees: Dhs60 per session or Dhs600 for unlimited sessions a month.
People per class: 30
USPs: It’s as much about camaraderie here as it is about working out. Expect fun training methods in a supportive environment.
Tel: (055) 5367718

Fast Sports Performance

The lowdown: Start with two laps of a 400m running track followed by a 45-minute circuit of high intensity interval training focusing on strength, plyometrics and conditioning. Its’ squats, rope lifts, sled drags and tyre slams.
The trainer: Brendan Rawlings is an ex-rugby pro. All trainers at b2b have played sports at an international or professional level and are qualified to coach.
Location: Sports City athletics track, Mon and Wed 7pm, Sat 6.30pm, Safa Park Sun, Tue, Thur 6.30pm.
Fees: Dhs80 per session or Dhs700 for a 12-session card over two months.
People per class: 15 to 30.
USPs: b2b is Dubai registered with qualified professionals. Their Transform model promises maximum results in the shortest time possible.
Tel: (04) 4560480.

THE SPA at Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort
The lowdown: Cardio, body weight, strength and agility training on a beach that you’ll be too tired to admire.
The trainer: Trainers are certified and registered in the UAE.
Location: The beach and garden area at Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort, Mon and Wed 6.40am.
Fees: Dhs150 per session or Dhs1,200 for ten sessions.
People per class: Ten to 12.
USPs: Arguably the most luxurious boot camp with access to a private beach as well as the spa’s locker rooms and shower facilities.
Tel: (04) 3182406

The lowdown: This four-week course starts with a Basic Fitness Assessment to gauge your fitness level before you begin. Trainers dedicate days to different exercises – lower body, upper body, cardio and full body sessions. There’s running, pack marching, stair climbs, resistance running, push-ups and waist high water runs all thrown into the mix.
The trainer: Guillaume Mariole was the pioneer of military-style boot camps in Dubai. Similar to the other trainers at Ignite, he was a professional athlete.
Location: The Palm, Jumeirah Beach, Sky Dive Dubai,The Springs and Umm Suqeim Beach Park. Session times vary.
Fees: Dhs100 per session or Dhs800 for 16 sessions, Dhs660 for 12 sessions, Dhs480 for eight sessions, Dhs260 for four sessions.
People per class: 20 to 30
USPs: Boot camp recruits can also try stand-up paddle boarding and home massages as part of their training packages.
Tel: (04) 4562482

Ignite fitness

The lowdown: This six-week sweatcamp incorporates cardio fitness, conditioning and core-focused exercises, all using outdoor equipment or your own bodyweight for resistance. You’ll be doing tricep dips and punishing squats with bursts of cardio.
The trainer: Elaine Luck and Catherine Williams have been working in the fitness industry for years and set up Pure Fitness with mums in mind. Now they cater to all women.
Location: Barsha Park, Tue 8.30am, The Palm, Tue 6.30am.
Fees: Dhs60 per class or Dhs300 for six classes.
People per class: 15 to 18
USPs: Trainers focus strongly on technique so recruits are kept safe from injury.
Tel: (050) 6594376.

The lowdown: A rolling six-week training programme that progressively increases in intensity as the candidate’s fitness levels increase. You’ll be doing pull ups, push ups and planks before running around the back streets of Al Quoz carrying sandbags.
The trainer: Phil Beatie is a former Royal Marine commando physical training instructor who has served for more than 20 years with top level soldiers.
Fees: Dhs100 per session, Dhs1,800 for six weeks (non-members), Dhs1,400 for six weeks (members).
People per class: 20
USPs: It replicates much of the training that the Elite Forces tackle during their military training.
Location: Umm Suqeim Road, Al Quoz 3, Dubai, Sun, Tue, Thur 7am and 7pm, Fri 9am.
Tel: (04) 3232323

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