What’s On reports on the rumoured Burj Khalifa fire which Dubai Police official Twitter dismissed as fog. Burj Khalifa twitter confirmed it.

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Dubai Police and the Civil Defence were forced to deny on Sunday night that the Burj Khalifa was ablaze.

Social media was awash with images seemingly showing smoke billowing from the world’s tallest building sending panic through those gazing upwards in the Downtown area.

However officials, as well as the tower’s own Twitter account, moved quickly to quash the speculation, revealing that the ‘smoke’ was in fact fog and cloud formations.

“It’s that time of the year when clouds gather around Burj Khalifa and trick us. It’s just fog, our beloved Burj Khalifa is safe & shining!”, the Dubai Police tweeted. Shortly afterwards, @BurjKhalifa retweeted the comments. And on Monday morning, they published a gallery of images showing the fog in all its, bathed in the shimmering light from the building.


Earlier in the day, the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) issued a weather warning urging caution on the roads as visibility would be affected by heavy fog in various coastal and inland areas, according to Arabian Business.

It is not the first time Mother Nature has caused panic around the 828m record-breaker. In 2012, The National reported that ten firetrucks and several ambulances responded to calls suggesting there was a fire on the 100th floor.

On that occasion, no alarms went off nor was the evacuations procedure initiated, according the newspaper, who quoted a resident saying, “It really did look like smoke,” and another who insisted the fog was “very convincing”.