What’s On displays the latest Dubai Police official video showcasing the Dubai Police cars, including Audi, Lamborghini, Mercedes and more.

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Dubai Police’s luxury fleet of cars is the envy of law enforcement right around the world.

From the Ferrari FF to the Aston Martin and everything in between, they are without question the most incredible collection of ‘official’ vehicles on the planet.

Their primary aim has always been to make the force more approachable and appealing to the public, and now they’ve got a Hollywood-style to show them off to a wider audience.

Released today by the Dubai Police, it shows the likes of the Audi R8, Bugatti Veyron, Mercedes G Class and Lamborghini Aventador on the streets of Dubai.

Dubai Police cars - viral video

Pictured with Atlantis The Palm as the backdrop in one scene and the Burj Khalifa in another, the 90-second footage wouldn’t look out of place in a cinema.

With tense music and stunning sound effects, the clip builds like a thriller before ending with the fleet being displayed to the public in front of the world’s tallest building and Dubai Mall as the Dubai Fountains dance in the background.

Check out the video for yourself below.

A week after the video went viral, the Dubai Police Official Facebook page posted an image of one of their first ever patrol cars, shot in 1979.

Early Dubai Police car

Late last year even the Dubai Ambulance service got in on the act when they announced the launch of the ‘fastest ambulance in the world’, a Lotus Evora. The car is only used by 50 specially-trained paramedic, acting only as a means for medically trained professionals to arrive on scenes far quick to administer vital first aid.

“The car is of importance to patients so we can reach them in a very short time,” a spokesman for the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services was quoted as saying in The Independent, a British newspaper at the time. “Those sport cars minimise the time of response and it can reach much faster than the ambulance cars, they can do the first aid by the time the ambulance arrives.”

The Dhs600,000 vehicle is equipped with emergency kits that can check patient’s heart rates and blood pressure, as well as feature a defibrillator – used to restart the heart – a first aid kit  and an oxygen supply in the boot.

Paramedic Zaid Al Mamari, added: “We can handle all kinds of emergencies. It is fitted with a responder bag, suction unit, foam splints for fractures, cardiac defibrillators and oxygen bags.”