What’s On reviews a fitness bootcamp in Dubai. Find out about week three of the new bootcamp at Original Fitness Co, at Eden Beach Club.

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In Dubai – the city of excess and indulgence – a league of fitness bootcamps have quickly risen up to become the popular way to fight the flab among the expat population. Filled with post-New Year guilt What’s On decided to try one out, and to see if they’re worth the Dhs1,000+ price tag that they often come with.

Some opt for the terrifying ‘warrior’ style, while others, like Original Fitness Co opt for “no yelling from ‘Sergeant Major’, no stuffy fitness studio, no complicated routines or equipment”.

Here’s how What’s On writer Emma Hodgson got on. And you can find out more about the camp by visiting originalfitnessco.com

– Read about week one at Original Fitness Co by clicking the link.
– Read about week two at Original Fitness Co by clicking the link.


Day 16
Buoyed on by the midway results, sticking to the lifestyle changes becomes easier and we found ourselves creating new, healthier habits. We found that telling people we were on a 30-day fitness challenge also helped to avoid the normal nightlife temptations in Dubai.

The Original Fitness Co at Eden Beach Club

Day 20
The early morning classes took their toll, and with other life commitments, it was difficult to attend them all, but thanks to the flexibility of the programme, it was easy to workout in the gym using the at-home routines provided by our instructor. Which was great when we were working late, or
didn’t have the energy to get up at 5.30am.

Day 21
By this point we started to notice a difference in our fitness and shape. We found that the weekly feedback really helped to push us further. As our fitness improved, the instructor pointed out new areas of improvement which pushed us further.

The Original Fitness Co at Eden Beach Club