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Blue Marlin Ibiza

Born in Chile, grew up in Switzerland, made his name in Ibiza: Luciano is about as big as it’s possible for a DJ to be while still playing underground music. As a resident at Ibizan techno nights Cocoon and Circo Loco, during the early part of the last decade his sets earned folkloric status. During this time he was also busy building his own Cadenza label – the hugely influential imprint from which his touring club night takes its name. Hype caught up with Luciano before his return to Blue Marlin this weekend…

How is your role as a label boss and promoter different to when you were solely a DJ/producer? Taking care of a label is a very demanding task, especially if you want to stay relevant and release music that has an impact. I’m very proud to look back over more than ten years of Cadenza and be able to say that we left an important and unique mark on the techno and house scenes, and we’re still releasing great music without compromise. I’m grateful for producers who give me their music. When you have a group of individuals who fit within your artistic vision, it’s a great ride to be on.

Being a DJ, on the other hand, is all about the magic of the party – bringing your crowds on a trip and sharing big emotions with them. All of this fuels my creativity in the studio.


What if the crowd doesn’t want to go on a trip? The first time I performed was in some rock & roll club, I think it was in Chile, and the people weren’t really happy at having me on stage. They were flicking their cigarettes on me all the time. But you know, you gotta start somewhere, and in retrospect that was good. It gave me energy. I felt even more motivated to play my music and break down boundaries.

If you could go back and visit any past era in music, what would it be?  I’d go back to the roots of Chilean music and of Latin American music in general, to find out where it all generated from, the connections with the tribes and the traditions, the cultures and history of those places. I’d like to find out more about the origins of my inspiration.

What are you most looking forward to this year? I’m definitely looking forward to our season in Ibiza, which we’re planning now. 2014 was a year of positive changes and this is gonna reflect in our new ideas. I can’t wait to announce everything. Besides some hot new names on both Cadenza and Cadenza Lab, we’re having our big guys releasing some new music. We’re hitting the 100th release now with an EP from myself under the Lucien-N-Luciano moniker: another milestone in our catalogue.

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