What’s On has an amazing video of Dubai stuntman Abdulla Omar Alali’s parkour on a moving vehicle, part of the Bear Grylls Adventure YouTube.

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An incredible video has emerged of a UAE-based stuntman performing a series of jaw-dropping acts on a moving truck.

Shot in the desert outside of Dubai, Abdulla Omar Alali’s short film was published on the official Bear Grylls Adventure YouTube Channel, a series which highlights the great and the good of extreme sports around the world.

Entitled ‘Carkour’, a play on words of the growing athletic discipline of ‘parkour’, it shows the 21-year-old using a Toyota pick-up as the platform for a series of leaps, flips and tricks. It cranks up another notch when, after consultation with a driver, the martial arts master is shown doing a handstand on the side of the tilted vehicle.


Abdulla is a mechanical engineer by trade, yet holds a black belt in taekwondo, brown belt in kung fu and blue belt in jujitsu. According to the video he holds His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, UAE Vice President and Prime Minster as his greatest inspiration.

A champion of UAE athletes, Abdulla hopes his profile can help encourage others to take up his sport and in turn lead to the development of specialist areas around the city for free runners to hone their skills.

The release of the video comes at a time when extreme and other action sports in the UAE is in something of a boom.

As What’s On revealed last month, the large X-shaped yellow sculptures popping up all over town are part of a guerrilla campaign by a new action group hoping to put the UAE at the centre of an adrenaline-fuelled world. XDubai say they are a new hub for action sports in the region, promoting both the development of action sports as well as its athletes, and also bringing global events to the emirate.

XDubai sculptures around Dubai

The group have already partnered with the iconic Skydive Dubai, home to arguably the most awesome dropzone on the planet, over The Palm, Inflight Dubai and Jetman Dubai. The latter was catapulted into view in December when footage emerged of former Swiss fighter pilot Yves Rossy using jet-propelled wings in tandem with a light aeroplane. They were also behind the infamous Burj Khalifa basejump video. In April 2013, the world’s tallest building – which stands at 828m – saw Soul Flyers World Champions Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen break the Guinness World Record for the ‘highest base jump from the tallest building in the world’ when they took flight from a three-metre platform protruding from the very top.

Meanwhile, Bear Grylls has recently bought his famed survival courses to the mountains of Musandam Peninsula, around two hours from Dubai. Would-be explorers can expect to come away with the knowledge of surviving in the desert sun, light a fire, find and purify water, and deal with snakes and scorpions. Climbing, abseiling and shelter building will also form part of the course, which lasts 24 hours, including a night beneath the stars.

Pegged as fun for the family, the experience costs around Dhs2,500 for one adult and one child (Dhs2,000 for a single adult). For more information, visit beargryllssurvivalacademy.com