What’s On has details of a calorific cake from Avril Une Patisserie now available in Dubai courtesy of Jean-Luc Florent De Coubertin. 

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A mind-boggling new dessert has arrived in Dubai that blends five desserts into one giant sugary treat.

The Cheese-Cook-Mac-Muf-Cup has a slice of raspberry cheesecake as its base, a triple white chocolate chip cookie, a peanut butter macaroon, a lemon custard muffin, and – finally – a cupcake made with bananas, maple syrup and brown sugar.

Each Cheese-Cook-Mac-Muf-Cup is 14cms high and weighs 1.4kgs. It comes in a blue silk-lined box, which has been reinforced with copper wire to handle the weight. The Cheese-Cook-Mac-Muf-Cup contains 14,000 calories and comes with an organic Alaskan black cherry on top. The price is an eye-watering Dhs1,415.

The cake is the brainchild of premier pastry chef Jean-Luc Florent De Coubertin, who founded the famous Avril Une Patisserie in Paris in 2002. He designed the dessert with the help of architects at the prestigious London School of Design because, according to Jean-Luc, “The structure of the dessert is just as important as the flavour. If you can’t hold it, you can’t eat it.”

The French chef has been awarded the prestigious Golden Whisk a record six times by the Gastronomic Association of Grenoble (GAG), which recognises outstanding achievement in desserts.

For Jean-Luc, the Cheese-Cook-Mac-Muf-Cup is a tribute to his grandmother and culinary heroine, Marie De Coubertin. Each cookie used in the dessert contains exactly 14 white chocolate chips because 14 is the street number of the house that belonged to Jean-Luc’s grandmother in Paris where he grew up and discovered his passion for pastry.

“She would let me lick the spoon every time she made a cake,” recalls Jean-Luc with a tear in his eye. “Grandmother Marie was my mentor, my inspiration, and my cookery companion. She died in 2014, aged 114, and I miss her every day. I hope that somewhere, she’s sitting in a café watching me, eating a Cheese-Cook-Mac-Muf-Cup with a big smile on her face.”

The Cheese-Cook-Mac-Muf-Cup is available now in Jean-Luc’s new café, Avril Une Patisserie, in Jumeirah-haha.