What’s On has the best pictures from One Direction Dubai concert, including 1D fans. See the action from #1DDubai concert at Sevens Stadium.

It was the most anticipated concert in years, and boy did One Direction deliver. That said, was the universal approval of the concert ever in doubt?

Being perhaps a little too old to be considered ‘target audience’, What’s On decided one of the most interesting elements of hosting the biggest band in the world was the fans. So we headed down to Sevens Stadium as the sun rose over the desert, only to find that 50 or so, keen teens had already set up camp since 2am.

Throughout the course of the morning, we discovered some remarkable feats of fandom, from those who had travelled from Italy to the one individual who claimed even to know the blood-type of the band.


Pictures and video by Alex Atack
Video edited by Surajit Dutta