What’s On has Instagram video from a Dubai skyscraper (Liberty House) when an iPhone fell and didn’t break during some morning fog in Dubai.

So, what happens when your phone falls 42 floors from the roof of one of Downtown Dubai’s skyscrapers?

Well, nothing, not even a scratch it seems. Or perhaps photographer Catalin Marin was just fortunate, because that’s exactly what happened to him this week.

The photographer was shooting from the rooftop of Liberty House on the particularly foggy morning of April 9 when a gust of wind blew his precariously positioned iPhone, wrapped only in a simple silicone case from a company called Puro, over the edge.

As the video shows, a little over 10 seconds is all it took for the device to reach ground level. Curiously missing from the clip, though, is the loud smash you might assume from such a tumble. And that’s because Catalin’s phone emerged without so much as a crack in the screen.

In follow up posts on his Instagram (@momentaryawe), the snapper shows the tiniest of dents in the rear of the iPhone6, the sort of thing one might expect to happen in a pocket, let alone a fall from the roof of a huge building.


The award-winning architectural photographer, who was on a personal shoot at the time, was able to track his phone using the Find My iPhone app, collecting it from a member of the public around an hour later.

For more stunning imagery from Catalin, check out his official website.