What’s On tries out some burger eating challenges in Abu Dhabi. Find out about the  best burgers in Abu Dhabi for the really very hungry.

Love burgers? Think you could eat a lot of them? Five outlets in the capital are offering you a chance at competitive eating glory – if you’ve got the stomach for it.

WARNING: Stay healthy! Participants in any of the above competitions enter at their own risk. What’s On recommends readers seek advice from a health professional before taking part in any type of food challenge and recommends a healthy diet and lifestyle. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

Hwy 55’s Five Five Challenge
This American-themed diner is all about excess. Think pimento grilled cheese sandwiches on Texas toast, banana splits and a hamburger steak plate. But nothing compares to its Five Five Challenge. Think 55 ounces of meat on a burger bun with a selection of four toppings, a side of fries and a 24oz soft drink. If you can eat the tower of meat within 30 minutes, eternal glory awaits (at least online, that is, as you’ll get your photo and name listed on their website and social media platforms) and your meal is free. If you fail, the ensuing stomach ache and Dhs100 bill will be your only consolation prize.

On your plate: 55oz meat, fries, 24oz drink
Time: 30 minutes
Price: Dhs100
The odds: five to seven people attempt the challenge every week – most fail

Golden Tower, Muroor Road, Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi, Sat to Wed 11am to midnight, Thur and Fri 11am to 1am. Tel: (02) 6411161. Taxi: Near Al Mamoura. hwy55.com

Hwy55 challenge - burger eating challenge

Thirty 1st’s Ultimate Burger Challenge
Only one person has successfully completed the Ultimate Burger Challenge here. Participants must down more than two whopping kilograms of food in under 45 minutes. The burger consists of two beef patties (weighing 400 grams each), two fried eggs, tomato, cucumber, onions, pineapple rings, mushrooms, gherkins, Edam cheese, turkey bacon, garlic and mayo all stacked on a homemade bun and served with fries and coleslaw. Winners will have their name put on the wall of burger fame and won’t be charged for the feast. Interested applicants need to order the meal 24 hours in advance.

On your plate: More than 2kg of food
Time: 45 minutes
Price: Dhs185
The odds: Around 25 have tried, but there’s only been one winner

Holiday Inn, Muroor Road and 31st Street, Abu Dhabi, challenge available from 6pm to 10pm. Tel: (02) 6574865. Taxi: Holiday Inn. holidayinn.com

The Holiday Inn challenge - burger eating challenge

McGettigan’s Burger Challenge
This burger contest at the Irish-themed Al Raha bar will see eaters go head-to-head with a bun filled to the brim with four angus beef patties, lettuce, bacon and all the trimmings. Served with a side of fat chips, all of the food has to be swallowed in 32 minutes. Winners (there haven’t been many) will get the meal free of charge and a mention on the social media pages along with eternal respect from the staff.

On your plate: 32oz burger with fat chips
Time: 32 minutes
Price: Dhs199
The odds: Many try but only three people have completed the challenge

Al Raha Beach Hotel, Al Raha, Abu Dhabi, daily noon to 3am. Tel: (02) 6524333. Taxi: Al Raha Beach Hotel. mcgettigans.com

McGettigan's burger challenge - burger eating challenge

Burger Bureau’s Burj Khalifa Burger
The 2014 What’s On Award-winning restaurant serves up a burger named after the tallest building in the world. The Burj Khalifa Burger challenge features eight beef patties with eight slices of cheese and a half kilo of French fries. If you get thirsty, there are two 16-ounce soft drinks to wash it all down with. If you can manage to demolish the stack of meat in time you’ll get a certificate, a free meal and your name and photo plastered on their social media. Guests can partake of the challenge in the Al Wahda mall outlet or in the Marina Square branch in Reem Island.

On your plate: Eight patties (85 grams each), two 16oz sodas and 500 grams of fries
Time: 25 minutes
Price: Dhs125
The odds: Around eight to ten people a week, with only half succeeding

Al Wahda Mall, Al Wahda, Abu Dhabi, Sun to Wed 11am to 11pm, Thur to Sat 11am to midnight. Tel: (800) 1287437. Taxi: Al Wahda Mall. facebook.com/burgerbureau

Grand Central’s Mini Burger Competition
The annual mini-burger competition sees hungry hopefuls stuff themselves silly for some serious cash. The Dhs10,000 grand prize (yes, you read correctly) goes to whoever manages to down the most mini burgers in ten minutes – without vomiting (again, you did read correctly). Last year’s winner managed 18 burgers. Runners-up also get prizes, T-shirts and other gifts from sponsors of the competition. The date for this year’s competition is still not finalised, but will be held in their outlet in Al Muroor.

On your plate: As many mini burgers as you can stomach
Time: Ten minutes
Price: Dhs100 entry fee
The odds: There’s been one winner out of more than 40 participants

Behind Muroor Street and 15th Street, Abu Dhabi, daily 11am to 11.30pm. Tel: (02) 6426499. Taxi: Behind NBAD. grandcentral.ae

Grand Central burger challenge - burger eating challenge