What’s On interviews co-founders of Designer-24.com, the dress rental service online available in Abu Dhabi and Dubi. Find out how to order.

Nothing to wear? Avoid last season’s looks on your next night out by hiring the latest outfits instead. Designer-24.com allows fashion conscious women in the UAE to rent dresses for a portion of the price you’d pay for it new, from a group of high-end designers including Naeem Khan, Herve L Leroux, Alex Perry, Issa and Halston. Designer-24 co-founders Sara Alemzadeh and Ranya Khalil explain how you can dress to impress without breaking the bank.

Where did the idea come from? We saw a space for a completely new fashion concept in the Middle East. Online retail is becoming a huge economic driver in the region and we understand that women in the UAE have a huge love for fashion as well as a heavy events calendar.

What are the benefits of renting a dress over buying? With the boom of social media, women do not want to be seen in the same dress twice. This becomes a very expensive undertaking. Designer-24 allows women to rent ten designer dresses for the price of buying one.

How does it work? Customers choose a dress online and schedule delivery before their event.  We drop off the dress straight to the customer’s door and provide a back-up size for free to ensure best fit. We pick up the dress, and we take care of the dry cleaning.

So how do you source your stock in the UAE? We work directly with designers. We carry the same new season collections as other boutiques and department stores, so women can stay on trend without breaking the bank!

What is the best bit about Designer-24? It’s disrupting the fashion marketplace in the region. We are bringing designer dresses to the masses. It’s incredible to be part of this revolution!