What’s On has the new video of a tank and truck in the Dubai Police cars fleet. See the video and find out about the Dubai Police vehicles.

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When it comes to their vehicles, Dubai Police has a reputation for the extreme. From the Ferraris and Lamborghinis that patrol tourist hotspots, to the part quad-bike, part jet ski that patrols the waters on the hunt for those who ignore the rules, they have not been shy in showing off their crime fighting tools.

And now their latest video has taken that to a whole new level. Released on their official YouTube channel on May 28, a new 90-second clip shows for the first time two new armoured trucks.

Set to a rather menacing soundtrack, the video shows the heavily stacked vehicles being led out onto the roads by the more traditional police cars. The first, a four-wheeled, high-sided van, and taller of the two, has eight windows as well as a protected 360 degree viewing window on the roof. Metal grates protect all the lights and glass.

The second is in the shape of a traditional tank, with six wheels, angled frontage and one small porthole. There’s also round-the-vehicle security cameras, sirens and peep holes beneath small windows.

Since April 2013, the Dubai Police force has built a luxurious collection of police supercars which has succeeded in receiving media attention worldwide.

Officers are now getting behind the wheels of some of the fastest and most prestigious cars in the world including the Audi R8, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari FF and Lamborghini Aventador.

Earlier this month, the force added a brand new customised GMC Sierra pickup truck to its fleet, adding a touch of practicality to the work, meaning they are now much more able to properly chase someone over the acres of sand and desert dunes that envelop our city.

The customised new ride has been given bigger wheels, and lifted. It has some super cool fender flares and a light bar to chase cars in the dark.