What’s On has details of a 7-Eleven in Dubai, for 2015. Owners hope for a further 100 more outlets in the emirate by 2017.

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Move over Park n Shop, Géant and Zoom – one of the biggest convenience stores on the planet is about to set up shop in the UAE this September.

The first store opens in Dubai – complete with its iconic red, green and white facade – and owners hope for a further 100 more outlets in the city by 2017, before moving in to other emirates such as Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

But what makes 7-Eleven so special?

In Asia – where 7-Eleven stores are found on almost every high street – these brightly-lit corner shops are not only stocked with typical food stuffs that you’d see in every convenience store around the world, but they often provide dry cleaning services, offer free wifi, and help courier packages too.

Yet 7-Eleven’s are arguably most known for their ‘Slurpee stations’.  These frozen flavoured drinks – also known as a slush puppy or slushy – are hugely popular ice-churned drinks, usually offered in several fruity flavours, which are always served in a giant plastic cup with a straw. While there’s no confirmation whether the UAE’s outlets will stock these Slurpee stations, we’re keeping our fingers and toes crossed.