What’s On has details of a special initiative to provide iftar this Ramadan to the labourers in Dubai. Find out how to donate your time.

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Guide to Ramadan

Ramadan is fast approaching and both Emiratis and expats alike are encouraged to pay it forward to their communities by helping those less fortunate than themselves.

One of Good Magazine‘s homegrown heroes is providing the perfect opportunity for residents to give back this Ramadan.

The Dubai-based pop-up restaurant Moti Roti is teaming up with other homegrown restaurants in the city to serve iftar to Dubai’s working boys in blue throughout the whole month of Ramadan.

Taking up an area next to the Media Rotana Hotel in Tecom, each outlet will take it in turns to serve their menu for iftar with volunteers encouraged to stop by and help out.

Owner of Moti Roti Tahir Shah, and organiser of the initiative, saw the opportunity to help give back a few years ago while living in The Greens. “There was a construction site in area and we saw the labourers working without the afternoon break that is now compulsory, and we decided to provide them with an iftar meal when they finished their shift. Once I had my own restaurant the idea had evolved into an effort between local businesses,” explains Shah.

“It shows how people and local businesses who might normally be in competition with each other can come together and combine their collective influences and resources.”

The restaurants taking part include Mantoushe, Taqado, El Rincon Colombiano, Nais Italian Kitchen, Appetite, BookMunch Cafe, Lebaneesh and Moti Roti themselves.

If you wish to join in on the giving spirit of Ramadan, Moti Roti urges volunteers to turn up any night (except Fridays) to the construction entrance near the Media Rotana Hotel in Tecom to help out.

Anyone is welcome, and you can bring food or water of your own to hand out as well. Set up starts at 5pm, so feel free to stop by and help make it a Ramadan Mubarak for all.


June 18 – Mantoushe
June 20 – Moti Roti
June 21 – Taqado
June 22 – El Rincon Colombiano
June 23 – Nais Italian Kitchen
June 25 – Appetite
June 28 – Taqado
June 30 – BookMunch Cafe
July 1  – Mantoushe
July 2 – Appetite
July 5 – Taqado
July 9 – Appetite
July 11 – Lebaneesh
July 12 – Lebaneesh
July 13 – Lebaneesh
July 18 – Moti Roti

For more information, check out motiroti.me.