What’s On has news of a federal law which fines users up to Dhs250,000 if caught swearing on WhatsApp. Expats could also face deportation.

Tailgating laws

Fans of the free instant messaging service WhatsApp had better not let text rage get the better of them from now on.

A news report earlier today described an alarming federal law where those caught texting insulting swear words could be fined up to Dhs250,000 and face jail time, while expats may also be deported.

However, past incidences suggest that swearing will only be punishable if the recipient complains about the text messages to the authorities.

Earlier in 2014, a Fujairah court fined a man Dhs20,000 after he was found guilty of using expletives at another man through WhatsApp on his mobile device, and while the man denied the charges, the evidence in the plaintiff’s phone proved that the defendant had sent him those ‘insulting’ words. The court found the defendant guilty of committing the offence against another man and fined him Dhs20,000.

Meanwhile earlier this week, the Federal Supreme Court enforced the law governing information technology crimes once again when a man was fined Dhs3,000 after being convicted of swearing at someone on WhatsApp.