What’s On has incredible footage of Guillermo Conde solving a Rubik’s Cube whilst freefalling at Skydive Dubai.

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If the very thought of solving the complexities of the famous 3D combination puzzle was tricky on land, spare a thought for someone who is trying to complete it whilst dropping out from a plane.

Thanks to the Skydive Dubai team, the official video of daredevil and maths whizz Guillermo Conde, shows us exactly how it’s done.

The four-minute short gets up close and personal with the puzzle master who’s been in and out of world Rubik’s Cube competitions over the past five years. We see Conde and the team of skydivers scramble the colours onboard before the plane doors are open. Then he give the cube one last check planning his first few moves before taking the plunge.

Over the next 30 seconds – and whilst plummeting quickly to the ground – Conde works his magic, meticulously but quickly managing to solving it in 39 seconds.

Watch it for yourself below…