What’s On has video footage of British daredevil James Kingston free-climbing and hanging out above Dubai Marina.

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Incredible footage has emerged of a British daredevil getting a bird’s eye view of Dubai Marina – by dangling from the edge of a crane on top of a skyscraper in the emirate. Don’t try this at home!

During the one-and-a-half-minute video, free climber James Kingston walks to the edge of a tall building in the Marina before climbing on top of a crane to the very tip without the use of a rope or harness.

James 1

Once at the top, the 24-year-old from Southampton in the UK took in a night view above Sheikh Zayed Road from a camera attached to his head, before cutting to a panoramic selfie.
Check out the video below.

 “There’s just so much of Dubai to explore,” said Kingston, speaking exclusively to What’s On after the stunt. “So many new buildings being built, all in funky shapes and sizes.”

“I was up filming for a good few hours. Once I’m up that high it’s hard to come down just because being up there is so enjoyable.”