What’s On has incredible footage of Skydive Dubai athletes and Soul Flyers complete a wingsuit night flight demo at Dubai World Cup. 

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If you thought the coolest way to turn up to the World Cup was in an Uber Black, then think again.

Earlier this week, special footage was released from the 2014 Dubai World Cup event where Skydive Dubai athletes Julian Boulle, Noah Bahnson, Greg Shelton along with Soul Flyers Vince Reffet and Roberta Mancino dropped into the world’s richest horserace in one of the craziest stunts ever seen in the emirate – flying down at night, in wingsuit formation.

Wearing white outfits and lit up with headlamps covering their bodies, the five wingmen and women took the glow-in-the-dark leap above Meydan in a special wingsuit demo jump on Dubai World Cup night.

“The Meydan demo was quite a cool experience,” says Julian. “It was surreal to be above the racetrack in the evening. You’ve got all the blue lights and you can see the whole pavilion was illuminated and we were in the helicopter ready to fly down into the actual pavilion in a nice tight formation like the flying Elvis’s”.

Watch it for yourself below…