What’s On has details about American news show the Today Show’s upcoming filming in Abu Dhabi this Friday, August 21, with co-host Al Roker.

American meteorologist Al Roker will be in the capital on Friday August 21 to film a portion of the Today Show. Residents can head along to the Corniche Beach, Gate 4, from 2pm to 5pm to see if they can make a cameo appearance (at least in the background, that is) on the popular American daytime news/talk show.

The TV personality and meteorologist is escorting two lucky viewers – chosen straight from the New York Plaza – who are competing in a new TV show which will be hosted on the Travel Channel. The new programme, called 50/50, sees contestants compete to spend $50,000 dollars in 50 hours in a foreign country. Hosted by Travel Channel experts Samantha Brown and Chris Grundy, unsuspecting contestants are approached for a two-day adventure and must leave that very moment. In this case, it seems the participants were chosen off of the New York Plaza, a popular spot that tourists visit during taping of the Today Show, in hopes of being seen on TV.

Al Roker was filming with the contestants today at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, and received a special tour of the grounds. You can check out the entire segment on the Today Show’s website, today.com.

The weatherman, known for his goofy charm, has been known to break out in dance moves and song during the broadcast.

Other well-known Today Show co-anchors include Matt Lauer, Kathie Lee Gifford, Hoda Kotb and Katie Couric.