Our friends at Good magazine have laid out the pros and cons of the different baby strollers on offer in Dubai so you can be a smart shopper. 

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You’ve been blessed with a little human and you need to get it from A to B. Just like cars, there are endless makes and models, which can be pretty overwhelming. So whether you’re in the market for a sleek, Bugatti-style cruiser or a more robust, Pajero sort of run-around, we look at some options, and what to consider when investing in a new set of wheels.



What? Something of an icon in the stroller world, the Cameleon evolves with your little bundle, transforming from a reversible baby bassinet to a reversible child seat – both car seat compatible with Maxi Cosi adaptors. It’s also a dab hand in the sand, which is no bad thing in the UAE.

Age: Birth to 15kg.

Seat: Parent and forward facing.

Colours: Mix or match the base unit (six colours) with the hood (eight colours, ranging from soft pink to petrol blue).

Accessories? A raincover and shopping basket is included, but it’s the Bugaboo by Kaviar Gauche designer tote bag that we secretly covet.

Dimensions: H100.5 x W60 x D85cm (27cm taller with handlebar extended).

Dimensions folded: H84 x W60 x D30.5cm.

Weight: 9kg.

Anything else? Teaming up with Marc Jacobs, Victor & Rolf, Missoni and the Andy Warhol Foundation, Bugaboo has some serious design credentials. Their latest collaboration sees the birth of a camouflage Diesel Bugaboo. Yep, the hubby will want to push that one.

Best for… The stylish all-rounder.

Price: Dhs4,995 from Just Kidding.

ADD ON – Bugaboo Runner: If you’re the active sort, the brand new Bugaboo Runner could be your new exercise companion. Suitable for babies over nine months, this chassis fits most Bugaboo seats and has large air-filled wheels for a smooth, stable run. Built-in suspension absorbs shock and the handlebar adjusts to suit height and running posture accordingly. Perfect for a dash along the running track.



What? Feted as the ‘ultimate connection stroller’, the Xplory’s height adjustability raises your baby towards you, for optimum interaction, with five seating positions to choose from.

Age: Six months to 15kg. Purchase the carrycot separately for a newborn.

Seat: Parent and forward facing.

Colours: Eight, four in varying shades of grey, which suits the fabulous, futuristic design.

Accessories? Endless. Our pick? The cosy sheepskin lining, fit for a king.

Dimensions: H89-123 x W57 x L75-102cm.

Dimensions folded: H34 x W56 x L99cm.

Weight: 12kg.

Anything else? The chassis can support both a carry cot, single seat and sibling seating combos.

Best for… Parent and baby interaction.

Price: Sale price Dhs3,862.50 (regular price Dhs5,150) from Just Kidding.



What? Thinking of travelling? This could be the one. Suitable for babies from six months onwards, this award-winning, one-hand drive stroller is based on the flat-pack concept and complies with cabin luggage restrictions.

Age: Six months to 15kg, but a newborn nest is available.

Seat: Forward facing.

Colours: Five (pink, red, blue, grey and black).

Accessories? Raincover and shopping basket are included.

Dimensions: H106x W86 x D44cm

Dimensions folded: H52 x W18 x D44cm.

Weight: 6kg.

Anything else? A push of a button and the entire frame and wheels collapses within five seconds.

Best for… Travelling. The Yoyo makes it much easier.

Price: Dhs1,990 from babysouk.com.



What? A car seat with wheels, the Doona enables you to go from car to pushchair in 20 seconds flat. There’s no tricky manoeuvring or assembly, simply pull a lever and the wheels are lowered, extend the handlebar, and you and your baba are ready to roll.

Age: Birth to 13kg.

Seat: Parent facing.

Colours: Choose from a palette of beige, red, grey, blue and black.

Accessories? Travel bags and car bases to click your baby seat in.

Dimensions: H99 x W44 x D82cm.

Dimensions folded: H60 x W44 x D66cm.

Weight: 7kg.

Anything else? Doona passes both car seat and stroller safety tests.

Best for… Jumping in and out of your motor.

Price: Dhs1,895 from Just Kidding.


mamas papas

What? While Mamas & Papas own brand stroller is compact (fitting in the boot of something as small as a Fiat 500), it’s surprisingly roomy when unfolded. The XXL UPF 50+ hood meanwhile, offers real sun protection.

Age: Birth to 15kg.

Seat: Forward facing.

Colours: Black, blue indigo and lemon drop yellow.

Accessories? Footmuff and parasol.

Dimensions: H100 x W55 x L92cm.

Dimensions folded: H30 x W55 x L72cm.

Weight: 8kg.

Anything else? We like the ‘flip-flop friendly’ brake.

Best for… Shielding the UAE heat.

Price: From Dhs1,199 from Mamas & Papas.



What? Unlike many other strollers, the UPPAbaby Vista comes with a carry-cot as part of the package. It can also accommodate a second and third child.

Age: Birth to 15kg.

Seat: Parent and forward facing.

Colours: Nine hues to deliberate over.

Accessories? A carrycot, toddler seat, two raincovers, two SPF 50 sunshades, two insect nets and car seat adapters are all included.

Dimensions: H100 x W67 x L94cm.

Dimensions folded: H84 x W67 x L35.5cm.

Weight: 12.5kg.

Anything else? The chassis allows multiple seating combinations to adapt to your family’s needs.

Best for… A growing family.

Price: Dhs4,500 from Just Kidding.



What? This robust, three-wheeler is built with all-terrain foam wheels and a gas sprung hydraulic system that automatically folds and unfolds the stroller with a touch of a button.

Age: Six months to 15kg, but you can buy an inlay for younger babies.

Seat: Parent and forward facing

Colours: A dark red, teal, black and navy.

Accessories? You get a sun canopy, raincover, shopping basket, parasol clip and baby car seat/carrycot adaptors, and can add more.

Dimensions: H102 x W64 x D85cm.

Dimensions folded: H37 x W64 x D85cm.

Weight: 12.7kg.

Anything else? By purchasing a few add-ons, you can utilise the three-in-one travel system, going from car to pushchair with ease.

Best for… Off-roading.

Price: Dhs2,900 from Just Kidding.


Until the mid-1960s, parent-facing strollers were the norm, then manufacturers start making more lightweight, portable, outward facing models. Today, it’s really a personal preference, with many strollers providing both functions.


Promotes interaction, encouraging communication between parent and child. Opportunity to be more responsive to child’s needs. Can be more expensive and heavier.


Allows your baby to see what’s going on around them, aiding their learning and development.