What’s On has details of a proposed indoor mountain bike park, Wall Ride Park – the brainchild of Robert Canseco – to be built in Dubai.

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When summer arrives in the emirate, Dubai’s BMXers and freestyle mountain bikers are limited to riding before dawn, or hibernating until October.

But a proposal for the biggest indoor bike park on the planet set to open in Dubai aims to change all that.

Robert Canseco, the man behind Wall Ride Park, aims to transform an empty sandlot into a biker haven using raw materials such as dirt, wood, and boulders to construct indoor trails complete with drops, ramps, dirt jumps, and rocky terrain.

‘Riding mountain bikes indoors is not going to replace the outdoor experience,’ explains Canseco. ‘What it will offer is a fun and convenient place to ride when you want to practice your skills, take part in exercise or training, or ultimately when the weather is extremely hot.’

And it’s not just for experienced riders; Wall Ride promises to be an all-encompassing cycling hub with simple courses for beginners – as well as coaching services to newbies – through to intermediates with thrilling trails for advanced riders, all under one huge roof.

While Canseco’s designs are only concepts at this point, he s hopeful for an investor in order to turn his vision into a reality.

Initial renderings show several different components that make up Wall Ride Park:

A massive BMX-style jump course appears to be the prize of the bike park with images of riders soaring off steep tabletops.

Wall Bike Park

Riders who prefer to stay closer to the ground could try the flowing, bermed turns that allow them to get nearly horizontal as they build speed.

Wall Bike Park

Looped together, the trails offer several miles of jumps and singletrack, with up to 60 riders able to use the space at one time. 

Wall Bike Park

Best of all, because it’s all indoors, the giant 2,700 square-metre cycling paradise will maintain a cool temperature throughout the year, which could see Wall Park not only as a go-to summer destination for riders in Dubai, but also for mountain bikers and BMXers from around the world.

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