What’s On has details on new Dubai traffic laws involving vehicle impounding and hefty fines. 

– Petrol up 23 per cent
– Dhs1,000 trolley track fine
– New tailgating fines

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, has announced a Decree that introduces new ways a vehicle can be impounded.

The new Decree means vehicles that have fines of over Dhs6,000 connected to them may be seized by Dubai Police.

Also, if a vehicle is being driven by someone whose license has been expired for three months or more (without an “acceptable excuse”), the police are now able to impound it.

The new set of rules, officially called Decree No. 29, have been implemented to improve safety and in the hope of reducing traffic accidents.


– Dubai Police will seize vehicles that participate in races on the road without prior permission.

– The police can also seize a vehicle which is driven recklessly or poses a danger to others, or tries to escape from the police (the fee for such an impounding will be Dhs100,000 per vehicle).

– The decree authorises Dubai Police to auction vehicles impounded if a period of more than three months elapses without its owner taking necessary procedures to reclaim the vehicle.

– The decree also states a non-national driver of a heavy-duty truck will be deported if he crosses a red light.

Here’s what Dubai Media Office has to say about it…