Another whale shark (or the same one?) apparently spotted in Dubai Marina today. Here’s the video… 

Dubai’s internet recently blew up after news breached (sorry) that a whale shark had been seen in Dubai Marina.

Well, it seems our fishy friend may have found it rather difficult to leave, as fresh footage of a whale shark has appeared on Twitter today.

Twitter user @Snogumz has just posted two videos of a whale shark in Dubai Marina that she told What’s On she took at around lunchtime today.

In the recent footage, the shark can be seen milling among the yachts at Marina Walk. Here are the videos:

What’s On spoke to PADI Course Director Laurent Estrugo at the Jumeirah Hotel’s Pavilion Dive Centre, who said we are currently in the middle of one of the whale shark’s bi-yearly migration patterns, and that a shark could have been led into the Marina by plankton or other food sources.

Yesterday’s full moon could’ve also played a part, leading to high tides that may have helped sweep the poor shark into the Dubai Marina.

Unfortunately, he believes that guiding the shark back out will prove to be difficult, and so until the fish finds the exit, it seems the Marina has a new resident.

Do you think it’s the same shark as the other day? Or a different one?

Either way, remember Emirates Diving UAE’s advice to leave the creatures alone if you see them.

This amazing video has also turned up today that shows a man swimming with a whale shark in Dubai Marina. In the background you can hear someone say that the shark pays a visit “every week”.

It’s actually appropriate that there was a fresh sighting today, considering it’s International Whale Shark Day (could this just be the greatest viral marketing campaign ever?)…

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