It’s six years today since the Dubai Metro first took passengers down Sheikh Zayed Road.

It’s cheap, it’s clean, it’s easy to use, it’s relatively quick and it transported 88 million passengers in the first half of 2015 alone.

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To celebrate the public transport that’s saved us time and money (and which now means we can go from Mall of the Emirates to Dubai Mall without ever stepping outside) here are six things only metro riders will get…

1. You sit down and think, “Oh right, it’s not too busy today”. Then you see pink all around you. You’re on the ladies’ carriage. You’re a guy. 

james-franco-realizationtroy tumblr_inline_mz1lx66IaM1r62f33

2. You hear “The Jebel Ali Train is about to depart from the Jebel Ali platform”… and then see someone run up the stairs to catch that train. 


metro gif

3. When you try to get off the train at a busy station during rush hour…

crowd metro gifmove

4. When people stand side-by-side on the travelator, and you’re in a rush…

metro gif

metro gif


metro gif

5. It’s rush hour. A seat appears. You step up to it. But then the guy next to you (who was FURTHER from the seat) also goes for it … 

metro dubai boxing gifmetro gif

6. If the speaker voice ever said, “The Jebel Ali train will now depart from the Rashidiya platform”.

wtf083 WTF-GIFS-welcome-to-the-twilight-zone-after-dark-22329780-400-423

Happy birthday Dubai Metro, thanks for getting us from A-Z on the daily. Well, from J-R.