People are fascinated with the gleaming, shapeshifting, eclectic place that we call home – Dubai. So whenever we go home our friends and family bombard us with questions about the emirate.

But sometimes they get it wrong. Very wrong.

Here are the oddest, most inane and downright insane questions we’ve ever been asked about the city…

(What’s the silliest question you’ve ever been asked? Let us know in the comments section below).

13 CORKER QUESTIONS WE’VE BEEN ASKED ABOUT DUBAI … DUBAI-5Only the coolest kids.DUBAI-4Well, you see, we live in a world in which different cities go by different names. I know it’s radical, but just roll with it. Also, it’s Dhabi. DUBAI-3Yep. Absolutely every last resident. It’s a nightmare wearing tights, they get all scratched up before we’ve even left our apartment. DUBAI-2The border control on Sheikh Zayed Road can be an absolute nightmare. DUBAI-1No, Lambos.

DUBAI-19Well, it does actually. But just in one room, in one mall, artificially. Also, as an aside, have you ever heard of a thing called the EQUATOR?!

DUBAI-18We live in hope. DUBAI-16 What size are the vending machines where you come from?! DUBAI-15 Geography not their strong point, then. Or just knowledge in general. DUBAi-13Well, Downtown is the ‘Centre of Now’, does that count? DUBAI-10We’ll raise this one with the boss. DUBAI-9La. DUBAI-6No. But that one time a sandstorm hit just after we’d finally cleaned our balcony we were majorly gutted.

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