Scan your eyes around and look at all those gleaming, glistening towers.

Now think about how our skyline wouldn’t shine quite so bright were it not for the men who harness up and take to great heights day-in, day-out to wash the city’s windows.

Think of the heights – and at times the heat – that these guys deal with so that our city can look so pretty.

Basically, they’re straight up legends.

Here’s a little in-photos ode to some of the bravest men in the UAE…

We’ve got nothing but respect for this guy because, if we’re honest, just looking at this photo for too long makes our stomach quiver:

Tom Cruise? So 2000-and-late. These guys pull off mission impossible on the daily:

Job done. Result:

It actually took us a while to spot the people in this one.  

Looming over Emirates Towers in the open air as part of your office job? Basically makes you one of the coolest humans ever. 

This is definitely the most frightening-looking bulb change we’ve ever seen:

And this is certainly the most extreme commute to work ever photographed:

Wonder if he knows all the Dubai Fountain songs by heart?

When you have to use this much zoom, you know your subjects are mighty high up:

These guys are taking on the 42-storey Citadel Tower in Business Bay:

And here they are sorting out the inside of it:

The calm before the drop: 

Just a man, his bucket and the Burj Khalifa:

One of our favourite buildings in the city getting all done up:

The whole ‘don’t look down’ directive is tricky when the surfaces you’re cleaning are this reflective:

Rope and harness professionals like Johnny Salvador provide the skills and training needed to know how to abseil buildings. Can you imagine perching on top of Burj Khalifa?

Me on top of the world!! #burjkhalifa #828m #chilling #awesome

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