If, like us, you’ve been tracking the Trekkies in Dubai and wondering where the Starship Enterprise was likely to land, new photos surfacing on Instagram have given us a clue.

Dubai residents of Central Park Towers have been posting photos showing glimpses of the film set, which has been set up at the multi-use DIFC development, with one of them captioning their shot (above) “a spacecraft in my backyard”.

One resident even spotted Chris Pine in costume.

From my balcony I can see this happening next door: Chris Pine filming #StarTrekBeyond #amateurpaparazzi

A photo posted by Zack Baginski (@dj_bags) on

These shots show what looks like part of a crashed spaceship, surrounded by rubble. Whether it’s meant to be a fragment of the iconic ship remains to be seen.

  Perhaps a crashed ship? #startrek3 #startrek #filmingday #hollywood   A photo posted by Amanda Fristrom (@afristrom) on


  There will be no sun on this planet. Prepping to block out the #dubai sunshine is not easy. #startrek3 #trekkie #startrek   A photo posted by Amanda Fristrom (@afristrom) on

Instagram user Tehsin Sheriff (@tehsins) recently posted a picture showing the members of the crew fully kitted out in their Enterprise uniforms.

  Gettin ready for the shoot #StarTrek #StarTrekBeyond #DIFC #Dubai #UAE   A photo posted by Tehsin Sheriff (@tehsins) on

While a fellow ‘grammer spotted the entrance to the Starfleet facility:

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  Twitter user Phil McLoughlin spotted the new Starfleet costumes up close:

Instagram user Eugene Mark Samson ( @eugenemark_samson) posted a photo of the view from his office, which shows a rather chaotic scene being filmed. 


Earlier this month, the cast and crew, including Chris Pine, Idris Elba, Simon Pegg and Zachary Quinto stopped by the Burj Al Arab to chat about the upcoming filming.

Chris Pine described Dubai as being “like what tomorrow would like. It’s futureland”, while executive producer Jeffrey Chernov noted that the futuristic architecture of this vertical city was a big reason for choosing Dubai as a filming location.