We’ve whizzed around in the shriek-inducing Seabreacher, tried choppy white-water rafting and pushed our bodies to the limit during the Desert Warrior Challenge: but it was this latest challenge that had Team What’s On the most terrified.

That’s right, we were petrified before trying Wild Wadi’s Forbidden Basement haunted house (which runs until the end of the month), and we were even more worried when we arrived and heard “HELP ME!” being screamed from the basement.

We had been promised “mutants, monsters and mayhem” during the attraction, and we were looking forward to none of them.

The verdict? Well, we won’t give away too much as the unknown aspect is key to the experience but we can say two things. Firstly, despite this being at Wild Wadi, you won’t get wet (apart from sweating – if that happens to be how you express fear). Secondly, the screams in this video as we walked, crawled and ran our way around the “Forbidden Basement” maze are genuine cries of terror.

Video: What’s On tries the Forbidden Basement

Wild Wadi, near the Burj Al Arab, 1pm to 7pm daily, until October 31. Dhs50 (for the Forbidden Basement only) or Dhs275 with water access. 13 and above age limit. Tel: 04 348 4444. Taxi: Wild Wadi Water Park. More at Wild Wadi’s website. 

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