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– Dubai in 2017

Have you noticed a remarkably svelte rectangle of a building near Zaabeel recently? You know, the one that quite literally looks like a giant picture frame?

Well that is Dubai Frame, and it’s just been announced that the landmark project will be completed and ready for visitors as soon as next month, as the sky bridge was erected last week, and they are now in the process of cladding.

The architectural oddity consists of two 150 metre towers (about the same height as a 50-storey building). These will be connected by a 100 square metre bridge – and you’ll be able to soak up panoramic views from a glass panel on the walkway, and from the glass lifts on the sides.

“The most difficult part has now finished,” Moawya Abdul Rahman, head of structural engineering unit at Dubai Municipality, told Gulf News. 

“The bridge was initially set to be completely made out of glass but, after careful consideration, it was decided to install a 25 square metre glass panel in the middle of it instead,” he added. “Some people may be afraid to look down, and we wanted to make this iconic building an enjoyable experience for all.”

The project is in Zabeel Park, near Star Gate, a location that was chosen because it offers views of both Old and New Dubai.

It is predicted that it will become a major tourist destination in the city – one of the buildings, like the Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab, that all visitors to Dubai will feel they need to see. There will also be a museum on the ground floor that will showcase the emirate’s rapid transformation from fishing village to metropolis (which will be appropriate, considering you’ll be able to see both Old and New Dubai from the panoramic walkway).

We can’t wait to head there – and will, of course, bring you pictures and more the minute it’s open.